Greening the Way

Greening the Way

Like many small businesses today, we’re constantly looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Even from the first day Watch City opened its doors, we have made local growers, farmers, and fishermen friends of the Brewery and Brew Pub by using their goods and services.    Watch City  has made small steps towards making our business more eco-friendly.  We have always recycled, used recycled products, purchased locally and even our spent grain and hops are picked up by local area farms to be used as animal feed.

Over the last few months, we have decidedly taken steps to move even more  sustainable by eliminating Styrofoam and reducing our need of plastic products, wherever possible, by switching to recycled and even at times compostable take-away products, ie. napkins and such.

In fact with the help of our utility companies, we have influenced our, electric, gas, and water programs.  We increased efficiency of our brewing, refrigeration, and lights, while at the same time have deceased our overall usage and carbon footprint.  We have also upgraded our water faucets in the brewery, kitchen, dish-area and restaurant, to be more efficient by making them low flow, monitored flow and motion related flow.

Hopefully by serving “clean foods”, using local food merchants, supporting our local farms and decreasing of carbon footprint, we are helping save our local economy, as well as the environment.


AND YES, we plan to go solar…….