Mug Club

Thinking About Joining our Mug Club & Loyalty Program

So you wanna be one of the Watch City’s best of the best beer lovers? Then join the club! Being a beloved patron at the brewery already proves that you are a person of fine character with an astute pallet. As a member of this group, you’re entitled to many discounts! Members will be able to attend beer dinners and tastings as well as special and private events at the brewery and outings elsewhere.

Joining the Club…Easy-Peasy

Ask a staff member and/or manager to explain the amazing rewards


• Familiarize yourself with the club’s benefits and rules.
• Pay your membership fee. The fee for the full year is $40 or a pro-rated price based on the calendar month of the year.
• Fill in your membership card and form.

You did it…

Pretty exhausting, we understand. So from now on (every time you come in to the brewery), be sure to show your card.


The Club Benefits 

1) Members will be given their own numbered Watch City Mug, for use at the Brewery

2) Members will be given a loyalty/membership card

3) Members will be emailed a 15% discount coupon, to be used for food only

4) Members will be entered in a monthly raffle to receive other offers, prizes, and new merchandise

3) Members will receive a 10% discount on all regularly priced brewery store merchandise. This discount does not apply to sale items, or to shipping charges on mail-order purchases.

4) Members will receive a 10% discount on special Brewery events such as tastings, field trips, pub crawls and beer dinners, unless stated. This also includes a plus benefit, where the member and one guest may receive the discount.

5) Members will receive advance invitations and alerts to special Watch City events.

Membership may not be transferred to any other individual. In addition members must be present at the location in order to receive discounts.