Featured Beer: Carnaval Imperial Wit

This is our Belgian Imperial-Wit ale brewed for Carnaval, our Carnaval Wit is moderately strong to put some color back in your cheeks. German and Czech hops and Belgian malt make up the profile of this Imperial Wit. Each version is lightly spiced to give it a subtle aroma and flavor without overpowering the wheat malt and Belgian wit yeast profile. The base malt is an German wheat malt. Organic traditional 5 - spice, Chinese spices are added to the boil and conditioning tank. The spices are: "Chinese cinnamon", powdered cassia buds, powdered star anise, ginger root, and ground cloves.

30 IBU's 7.2 % ABV


Featured Beer: Kingpin Imperial Stout

What Barley Wine is to regular Pale Ale; Imperial Stout is to regular (dry) stout. In the 19th Century as “global trade” became more prevalent, brewers were fashioning products that would travel well. Stronger beer with more hops faired the best. One in particular was the Imperial Stout (or Russian Imperial). Brewed for the Baltic region, it found acclaim in the Russian Royal Court. Our version is every bit regal as those 19th Century imports. A towering grain bill laden with 7 different malts provide the rich and robust flavor profile. Coffee and chocolate flavors predominate, yet fig, currant and licorice sinuate themselves onto one’s palate. Too, a residual sweetness is effect, as is in most beers bearing this much malt. The sweetness is tempered by the sheer amount of hops and the astringent nature of the roasted barley.

1.088 S.G. 72 IBU's 8.4 % ABV


Featured Beer: Rettung Eins Kölsch or Rescue One Kölsch

Rescue One Kölsch Watch City Brewing’s German-style Golden Ale. This light offering is brewed with premium German Malt, noble hops and yeast. The fermentation is done on the colder side of ale fermentation temperatures (61–65 F) and lagered for weeks in cold conditioning to produce a clean, crisp, delicately balanced beer usually with very subtle fruit flavors and aromas. Subdued maltiness throughout leads to a pleasantly refreshing tang in the finish. Smooth and crisp in the taste.

1.046 S.G. 23 IBU's 4.8 % ABV


Featured Beer: Shillelagh Irish Red Nitro Ale

SHILLELAGH IRISH RED NITRO ALE This is a nitrogen style cream ale, it is unlike our regular beers because all our other beers are carbonated with a Co2 mix which is a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The Irish ales appearance is similar to those ales which are Casked-conditioned. Casked -conditioned ales are traditionally served room temperature and naturally cabonated,so...this irish ale mimics it as far as mouthfeel. Nitrogen gives beer those tiny little bubbles like Guiness and a real nice creamy head...yum! Also this ale features new malts called Maris Otter (a premium English pale malt)and Aromatic malt. Its malty profile, ruby red color and thick creamy head make our Irish red enjoyable any time of the year!

1.050 S.G. 18 IBU's 4.8 % ABV


Featured Beer: Moody Street Stout

MOODY STREET STOUT Alluring, opaque and exquisitely textured. Our foreign-styled stout is rich, velvet-like; a mystical experience thatis the heart of stout. Coffee, chocolate and nut-like flavors are blended in such a way that with each sip one tastes something different. Slippery smooth, for those who've had dry stout but wish for a more, flavor-empowered pint.

1.060 S.G. 54 IBU's 6.0 % ABV