Firefighters Help Watch City Brewing Brew Rettung Eins Kölsch (“Rescue One Kölsch”)

Watch City Brewing Co. announced today it will brew a beer to raise money for a fund assisting the children of Worcester firefighter Jon D. Davies Sr., who died last month while trying to rescue a resident from a burning home.

Aaron Mateychuk, brewmaster at Waltham-based Watch City, will oversee the brewing of Rettung Eins Kölsch (or “Rescue One Kölsch”), along with assistant brewmaster Kelly McKnight and five Worcester firefighters, yet to be named. Kölsch is a crisp, straw-colored, German-style ale that is cold-lagered; indeed a kölsch tastes like a refreshing hybrid of a pale ale and a light lager.

Mateychuk — whose brother, James, is a Worcester firefighter – told me the beer will likely be ready for sale sometime between Feb. 8 and Feb. 15. It will be sold almostly entirely in half-barrels, to bars, pubs, and restaurants, which means it will be available primarily on tap, though a limited number of 22-ounce bottles will be sold at the Watch City brewery.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of Rettung Eins Kölsch will go to the Jon Davies Children’s Fund, which is helping the three sons of the 43-year-old fallen firefighter, who died when the burning building he entered collapsed on him. No one else died in that Dec. 8 fire.